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  • Unlike many of our competitors, our glass has been stress tested and verified by a specialist glass structural engineer.
  • The glass is heat soaked to reduce impurities in the glass. This further reduces any risk of breakage.
  • Toughened to ensure that it is 6x stronger than the non toughened equivalent.
  • Laminated, multiple layers of glass mean that it will hold in place should one layer break.
  • Weight: 77kg



Get the best view of your fish and experience the underwater world with an Aurello pond window.


Many fish collectors are now moving away from the traditional ground level pond. Opting for a raised style pond with a viewing window. And enjoying the many benefits it provides.


A pond window transforms your fish collection, making it a focal point of the garden. The stunning ‘koi’s eye’ view is perfect for giving friends and family a close up look at the fish inside. Young children can see the fish up close with no risk of danger.


In the summer the pond window provides the perfect backdrop when enjoying drinks in the garden. In the winter it can also provide a great view of the fish from inside your home. Looking out onto the garden, you will often see them swimming past the window.


The window provides an invaluable view, ensuring that you can closely monitor the health of your fish. Any parasites or injuries can be clearly seen through the glass and you can act quickly to ensure that your fish remain healthy.


Your main concern may be the excess maintenance required to keep the glass clean or making sure that you get the correct thickness of glass. Very little maintenance is actually required. A quick occasional wipe down of the glass with a sponge ensures that it stays clean and clear. We also have a glass structural engineer on hand who can advise on the correct thickness of glass for all window types and pond sizes.


Many owners are also concerned that they will only see their fish infrequently, even with a window installed. However, in the countless ponds we have supplied glass for, people are always surprised that the fish are more interested in you than you are of them. The fish will spend many hours gathered by the window looking out on the world outside.


We manufacture to your unique specification at our UK factory. Quality checked prior to dispatch, it meets all required standards and has been designed for use in ponds.


Our specialist handler transports the glass direct to your door. You can be assured that it will get to you in one piece with our 99.9% successful delivery rate. In the highly unlikely event your glass is damaged during transit, it will be replaced without question.


Fitting A Pond Window


There are a couple of options you have when fitting the glass.


Brickwork Option


Fitting a pond window into brickwork tends to be the more economical option. A 45mm (width) x the thickness of the glass (depth) rebate is cut into the brickwork (an alternative to brickwork is railway sleepers) on the inside of the pond.This means that when the pond is full the glass will be pressed against the rebate by the water pressure and held in place. Make sure to cut the blocks before you lay them. Allow an extra 5mm in the height for packers to be placed under the glass.

Koi pond brickwork rebate

When constructed, the brickwork will form a recess that the glass can be slotted into.The opening should be 6-10mm bigger than the glass size. This will allow for a 3-5mm gap each side of the glass (this gap will be filled with silicone). Please ensure that the cement has cured before attempting to fit the glass.


Place the packers underneath the glass and ensure that it is level along the top. Ensure the the glass is held in place with clamps at the stage. Now fill the 3 to 5mm gap with silicone. When this has dried, use cement render to fill in across the blocks to the glass to make a smooth surface.


When the render has dried, mask off the pond window glass 40mm in from the edge on the 3 sides that are set into the brickwork. This will act as a guide when you are cutting the liner.

Koi Pond Window Masking Tape

Move the liner into place and hold it in position with some timber placed on top of the brickwork. The liner should be flat against the sides of the pond and the glass with no creases or gaps. This is very important as if there are creases or gaps present, the water pressure can dislodge the liner from the silicone.


A white pencil line can be drawn onto the liner (corresponding with the masking tape behind) to ensure that the liner extends onto the glass by 40mm all the way around.


Once the opening has been cut in the liner, the silicone can be applied to the render and the glass. Please follow the instructions on the silicone as to the amount that needs to be applied. A general rule of thumb is around 10 beads of silicone in total. Some people opt to leave the last bead of silicone 10mm back from the reveal so as to be certain to not get any silicone showing from the viewing side.


When the silicone is in place you can the lift the liner into position using the tape as a guide. Using a small amount of pressure, smooth a small section of the liner down onto the silicone using your hand. Peel back the liner and look at the beads of silicone. They should be just flattened out enough so that they are touching each other. If too much pressure is used the liner can stretch and it won’t line up with the tape. Once you are satisfied that you have got the right amount of pressure, stick the liner down all the way around. Now remove the tape. You can take this opportunity to trim back the liner if it is showing on the viewing side. Once you are satisfied, run your finger along the edge of the liner to smooth it back against the glass.


An alternative option is to roughly cut the liner (ensuring that it is extending over the glass at a minimum of 40mm all the way round). You can then apply two beads of silicone at the far edge of the render all the way round, stick the liner to them with adequate pressure and then leave to cure overnight. When you are satisfied that they have cured, add the next 2 beads, rinse and repeat until you have the required number of beads. You can now neaten up and trim back the pond liner so that it is not visible from the viewing side.


Pond Glass Fitting Instructions

Below is a bird’s eye view of this method.

Koi Pond Window Build - Bird's Eye View

An 80mm wide strip of sealant is applied to the pond liner on all sides of the cut out for the opening. When in position, 40mm of the liner will be stuck to the brickwork. The other 40mm will be stuck to the glass. The liner that is stuck to the glass will not be visible from the outside as the rebate will cover it. Make sure to leave the last bead of sealant a slight bit back from the edge of the liner. This ensures that when you press the liner to the glass the adhesive doesn’t squish out and spread over the glass.


A second option is to use the same method. However, you would put the liner in first, siliconing it to the render. Followed by the glass which is siliconed to the liner and then pack more silicone in around the glass. Som epeople preder this method as they feel more comfortable knowing that the water pressure is sandiwching the liner in between the glass and the render. One criticism is that there are likely to be more creases in the liner with it being shoved in behind the glass. Therefore if you are using this method ensure that lots of silicone is used to reduce any risks of leakage.


Top tip: leave the pond window adhesive in a bucket of warm water to ensure that it’ll come out easily.


Fibreglass Option


The third was to fit your pond window is by using a fibreglass frame. You would create a hole in the brickwork for the frame to fit into and then render around the frame.


Ensure that the rendering gives the frame a flat finish. The frame is also screwed into the brickwork for added stability (four screws would tend to be used as a rule of thumb).


The rendering should allow the frame to project out slightly from the wall. Insulation (1 inch Kingspan boards) or rendering would then be applied on top of the brickwork. This will give a flush finish with the edges of the frame.


Fibreglass is then applied over the whole of the inside of the pond and over the frame itself. The glass is then installed and siliconed in to the frame.


Disclaimer: We shall have no liability for the accuracy of the fitting information above and cannot be held liable for any third-party claims or losses of any damages.



Aurello Pond Glass is:

  • Toughened – Six times stronger than non-toughened glass
  • Laminated – Each panel is made up of multiple layers of glass, therefore, if one were to fail the unit should remain watertight
  • Heat soaked – This reduces impurities and minimises the risk of subsequent cracking



  • Delivery is made to your door by our specialist glass handler. Your glass will be delivered within 14 to 30 days from the point of order.
  • Glass is delivered unwrapped.

Health and Safety Recommendations


  • When goods are received they are handled by two adults, to ensure health and safety protocols are observed when moving/lifting the glass
  • Customers use safety gloves for handing glass at all times and wear shoes that cover the entire foot




“I was unsure when building the pond whether a window was the right way to go. The idea was to get a better view of the koi but I wasn’t sure if we’d see them through the glass. We rarely saw the koi before – only when they surfaced. It turns out that they take a great interest in the window and will often be seen looking out through it. My grandson also spends ages looking at the fish through the glass. “

– Geoff, Kent, 2018


“I can’t thank Nick and the rest of the team at Aurello enough. They really helped me out with my project. My koi pond was fairly large and so a bigger koi pond window than normal was required. Their glass structural engineer provided the exact specification of the glass that would be suitable for a pond of my size. They gave me plenty of warning about the delivery and provided the exact weight of the glass.”

-Ben, Nottingham, 2017


Need help?

Contact us:
E-mail: info@aurello.co.uk
Telephone: 01782 614 693 (Mon to Fri – 08.00 to 12.30; 13.30 to 17.00)

We can also provide larger sizes if required in thicker glass. A glass structural engineer is on hand to advise.

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