• curved koi pond window glass
  • Koi carp behind curved pond glass

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    Our curved pond glass windows provides you with an even better view of your fish. Making your pond a standout feature in your garden.

    The curved panel can be made to suit the contours of your garden, achieving a sleek and stylish design.


    Curved pond window glass build
    Steve from Cornwall came to us in the planning stage of his pond build. We provided advice on fitting and on the depth of the rebate to be used on his pond build. 
    Curved pond window glass ready to fit
    We arranged for the curved glass to be delivered directly to site. Prior to delivery we’d had structural calculations carried out to ensure that the glass was the correct thickness. The glass came complete with polished edges to ensure a smooth finish on the infinity window.
    Curved pond window glass
    Once the glass was in place, Steve ensured that the glass was held securely while the adhesive cured.

    Curved pond window glass drying

    Curved pond glass viewed from above
    Once the build was nearing completion, the benefits of the curved panel could clearly be seen. The glass fits perfectly with the curvature of the pond and provides an immersive view into the underwater world.


    Koi carp behind curved pond glass


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