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  • Quadra door kit


The Quadra locking door kit comprises all parts for fitting a single glass door. Available in satin or polished stainless steel or satin anonised aluminium, the model works for either a door stop or rebated frame. This innovative mechanism offers an elegant design for your home.



1 x 15100 Quadra Locking Latch, 25/25mm Europrofile cylinder required.
1 x Pair of 13100 Quadra Internal Door Hinges.
1 x Pair of 15607 Lever Handles.
1 x 15441 Quadra / Claustra Jamb Strike Plate

Door: Single action – Opens in one direction only.
Glass thickness: 8 – 10mm.
Door weight maximum using 2 hinges: 50kg
Door maximum width using 2 hinges: 1000mm
Mounting: Glass to wall 90°
Each hinge requires 2no. 16mm Ø holes in glass.

15100 Quadra Locking Latch
Glass thickness: 8 – 10mm.
Requires 2no. 42mm Ø holes in glass.
25/25mm Europrofile cylinder required.


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