• Clear Cloche polycarbonate garden cloche
  • Clear Cloche polycarbonate garden cloche


  • Don’t let your hard work go to waste. The Clear Cloche protects your plants against pests and frosts.
  • Do you want bigger plants and better harvests? Get up to 25% more growth when using the Clear Cloche.


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The Clear Cloche is an award winning garden cloche designed by expert horticulturalist Nick Pyatt. Developed, tested and optimised. It’s proven to give you bigger plants and more bountiful harvests. Dubbed the ‘mini greenhouse’ of the raised bed, it offers excellent protection from pests and frost.

The Clear Cloche gives you a clear advantage and plants that are up to 25% bigger, without the use of chemicals. In our testing, plants started under the Clear Cloche saw 25% more growth than plants grown next to them on the same raised bed.

All you have to do is place the Clear Cloche over your seeds and let it do the work for you. Unlike polythene cloches, you can simply pick it up and stack it away when not in use. It’ll also last you for 10 years plus, meaning you’ll no longer have to shell out in replacing ripped and torn cloches season after season. It’s made from an unbreakable material, the cloches that were first developed are still in use 12 years later.

You’ll no longer have to worry about the threat of pests or frost decimating your crop, putting hours of work to waste. The Clear Cloche provides your plants with unbeatable protection from slugs, birds and all manner of pests. When heavy frost hit, the plants under the Clear Cloche were undamaged. Those outside experienced severe leaf damage and subsequent stunted growth.

Top slots in the cloche allow for easy watering with no loss of warmth from the cloche. We’ve done further side by side comparisons of the cloche without slots and with, both maintained the same temperatures throughout the two week test.

The Clear cloche is the simple solution that gives you astonishing results every time.